Pyramid Head

Pyramid Head


Hello everyone. My name is Anne-marie but on the papercraft scene im known as Chamoo232

About 3 years ago I made my first paper model. it was Metal Gear Rex that was given at some game show for the promotion of the twin snake. after that I started searching for more video game papercraft but I wasnt always able to find what I wanted so I though to myself "if it dont exist do it yourself". And that is how I started creating my own models.

For my first post I bring you Pyramid Head papercraft model from the game Silent Hill 2

This is actualy the second version of pyramid head I created. the first one was hard to build and wasnt very good looking but it still got very popular and I even found a download of it on a russian website. I hope version 2 will have as much success.

The template can be found on my website as well as most of my other templates.

Due to bandwith problems I had to make a rapidshare link. I got no donations yet to help me pay for an unlimited bandwith host.
This rapidshare contain my whole collection of templates.