PUMA Paperkraft Urban Paper Sneaker (Puma Suede -State- Clyde)


PUMA Paperkraft Sneaker
Thanks to the brilliant design work of our friend Matthijs Kamstra, Paperkraft.net now has its very own Urban Paper Sneaker ^^ It's got our sweet sweet logo all over it.

This PUMA papercraft sneaker is related to Matthijs' previous work, the PUMA First Round High paper toy posted over a month ago.

This time it's based on the PUMA Suede –State- Clyde (aka Puma States, aka the Suede), a very popular and well-known sneaker during the 1990s that had a wide range of colorway.

Follow the link below the download the PUMA Paperkraft Sneaker and a blank template for designing your own.

PUMA Paperkraft Urban Paper Sneaker [Download]

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