Professor Layton - Chibi Luke Triton Free Paper Toy Download

Professor Layton - Chibi Luke Triton Free Paper Toy Download


Professor Layton - Chibi Luke Triton Free Paper Toy DownloadThis paper toy is a chibi Luke Triton, the son of Professor Hershel Layton's friend Clark Triton, and is the Professor's self-proclaimed apprentice, the deuteragonist of the entire of the puzzle adventure game series , the papercraft was created by Aninsey. There is another Luke Triton papercraft at PaperCraftSquare: Professor Layton - Luke Triton Papercraft.

Luke is a sensible young boy who is able to converse with animals and is already a bit adept at solving puzzles, most likely due to the fact that he is commonly with his mentor, Professor Layton. He longs to be a gentleman like Layton, but because he is a child, he sometimes loses his temper, only to feel ashamed as Layton tells him to calm down. Similar to most children his age, he can let out a cheeky comment when he needs to. Like many young lads, he loves to eat, and has a legendary appetite.

As well as idolising Layton, Luke is very fond of Flora, as evidenced by their interactions in Diabolical Box and Unwound Future. Although they squabble occasionally, their relationship is usually quite lovely. Luke enjoys showing her around the fair in Dropstone in Diabolical Box, and sympathizes with her distress over being left behind in Unwound Future. Both times that Flora gets kidnapped, Luke is deeply upset and angry, and he actively tries to prevent it from happening in Unwound Future. The two children are the best of friends.

For the first trilogy, Luke wears a blue sweater, viridian shorts, brown shoes and a flat blue cap, and has light brown hair. He also carries around a large brown leather satchel that contains a notebook.

In Last Specter, he wore a long-sleeved white shirt with blue suspenders. He retained the blue hat, but in the prequel trilogy, it has a little button on the top of it. During Miracle Mask, Luke also wears a blue waistcoat over his shirt and during Azran Legacy, he also wears a blue cardigan.

Like his mentor, Luke very rarely takes his hat off; he is seen without it only four times during the series. In Eternal Diva, there is a scene in which Oswald knocks it off, he wakes up without it on during a cutscene of Miracle Mask, he is shown not wearing it during a credits image of Unwound Future, and also another credits image in The Last Specter.

As seen in the Miracle Mask, Luke has the most adorable yawn anyone has ever seen. He is very adorable in the morning when he is tired and in his striped pajamas. [Source: neoseeker]

You can download this papercraft model here: Professor Layton - Chibi Luke Triton Free Paper Toy Download