Pretty in Pink Characters Free Paper Toys Download

Pretty in Pink Characters Free Paper Toys Download


Pretty in Pink Characters Free Paper Toys DownloadThese three paper people are characters from the film Pretty in Pink, the papercrafts are created by sally. Pretty in Pink is a 1986 American teen romantic comedy-drama film about teenage love and social cliques in 1980s American high schools. It is one of a group of John Hughes films starring Molly Ringwald, and is commonly identified as a "Brat Pack" film. The film was directed by Howard Deutch, produced by Lauren Shuler and written by John Hughes.

High school senior Andie Walsh is a working-class girl who has a crush on one of the rich, preppie boys in her school, Blane McDonough. When Andie and Blane try to get together, they encounter resistance from their respective social circles.

Andie lives on "the wrong side of the tracks" with her unemployed father, Jack. Andie's best friend, Phil "Duckie" Dale, is in love with her, but plays it off as a joke in front of her. In school, he and Andie are harassed by Blane's friends, the arrogant so-called "richie" kids Benny and Steff.

Andie works at TRAX, a New Wave record store in the Chinatown neighborhood, managed by her older friend and mentor Iona. Iona advises Andie to go to her senior prom despite not having a date.

Soon, Blane makes his move via chatting in the computer lab, and Andie is smitten. Blane ventures out to the area at school where the punks, metalheads, and New Wavers hang out and asks Andie on a date. Steff - whose crude advances Andie had earlier rebuffed - begins questioning why his best friend "was conversing with a mutant," but Blane brushes him off.

On the Friday night of the date, Andie waits for Blane at TRAX, but he is late. Duckie arrives instead, only to find Andie upset because she thinks she's been stood up. When Blane finally arrives, Duckie and Andie argue. Duckie tries to convince her that Blane will only hurt her. After a few harsh words, Duckie storms out, and Andie goes on her date.

First, Blane suggests going to a party Steff is throwing but the party isn't exactly what Blane expected, and Andie is treated poorly by everyone, including a drunk Steff and Benny. Andie, in turn, suggests going to the local club, where they discover Iona sitting with Duckie, who never gets in. Duckie is immediately hostile toward Blane, and as he and Andie start walking out of the club, Duckie kisses a startled Iona to make Andie feel jealous.

Blane offers to take Andie home, but she refuses, admitting she doesn't want him to see where she lives. She eventually allows him to drop her off and he asks her to the prom. Andie accepts and they share their first kiss. The next day, Andie visits Iona in her loft and Iona begins reminiscing about her own prom, donning her old pink prom dress, cute yellow fuzzy slippers and a beehive hairstyle.

At home, Jack surprises her with a pink dress he bought for her at the thrift shop. Questioning how he was able to afford it, Andie discovers he has been faking going to a full-time job. The two fight until Jack breaks down, revealing that he is still bitter and depressed about his wife having left him.

Meanwhile Blane, pressured by Steff, begins distancing himself from Andie. Finally, Andie confronts him for avoiding her at school and not returning her calls. Blane then claims that he'd already asked somebody to the prom but had forgotten, and Andie replies by calling him a "filthy, fucking, no-good liar". She then accuses him of being ashamed of being seen with her because his friend would not approve. She runs away while Blane protests that she does not understand, and it has nothing to do with her. As Blane leaves, Steff again offers criticism of Andie. Duckie overhears this and attacks Steff in the hallway. The two fight before teachers break them up and Duckie runs off, tearing down a prom banner in the process.

Andie finds Iona preparing for a date with a yuppie, dressing like a normal adult for a change. Iona is already thinking about marriage. Iona's newly found happiness inspires Andie. She decides to attend the prom, to "show them they didn't break me." Using both Iona's prom dress and the thrift shop dress her father bought her, she creates a new pink dress to wear to the prom.

When she gets to the prom, she has second thoughts about braving the crowd on her own. Just as it looks like she may back out, she sees Duckie, who is also dressed up. Regarding his tux, he says, "Despite my appearance at this function, I remain now and will always be... a duck man." They then walk into the ballroom hand in hand. When Steff begins mocking the couple, Blane finally realizes that Steff resents Andie because, although Steff had tried to get with Andie, she refused, which was something Steff was not used to. Blane finds the courage to tell Steff off, and approaches Andie and Duckie. He shakes Duckie's hand and confesses to Andie that he always believed in her; he just didn't believe in himself. He tells her he loves her and kisses her cheek before saying, "Always". Duckie concedes that Blane is not like the other rich kids at school and advises Andie to go after him. After Andie leaves, a girl in the crowd notices Duckie and silently invites him to go over and dance with her. Outside of the prom, Andie catches up with Blane in the parking lot, and they kiss passionately in front of his car.

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