Power Stone - Rouge Free Papercraft Download

Power Stone - Rouge Free Papercraft Download


Power Stone - Rouge Free Papercraft DownloadThis papercraft is Rouge, a video game character from the Power Stone games, also appears in same named anime series, the paper model was created by Jp-papercraft. Rouge is a fortune teller from the town of Mahdad. She is 23 years old, weighs 105 pounds, measures 5'6" and has a Gypsy Dancing fighting style. When in Power Change, she is known as the Scorching Beauty.

Even in the battle arena her graceful moves look like dancing more than fighting. She is mesmerizing when she wields fire as easily and naturally as her own arms and legs, putting the heat on any opponent who stands in her way. Though her normal attack and defense abilities are relatively low, Rouge's flame atacks have long range and inflict severe damage. Her speed and jumping abilities are top notch, making her easy to handle in the arena and able to avoid attacks with ease. Because she has long range Power Drives and powerful Power Fusion, she may be a top tier character. In Power Stone Collection, she unlocks the Crystal Ball.

Power Stone is a fully 3D arena fighting game series made by Capcom. Set in the 19th century, strong believers of legends, myths and superstition search for fame, fortune and glory. One legend above all is sought after by many, a treasure which can make any dream come true. Believers from all over the world set out to search for this treasure, and are forced to fight against one another in pursuit of the legendary Power Stone.

You can download the papercraft template here: Power Stone - Rouge Free Papercraft Download