Power Stone 2 - Edward Falcon Free Papercraft Download


Power Stone 2 - Edward Falcon Free Papercraft DownloadThis paper craft is designed by paperwyverns. Edward Falcon, known as Fokker in the Japanese version, or simply Falcon, is the main character of Power Stone. Falcon is age 21, weighs 160 pounds, measures 5'11" and has a fighting style of boxing. He is the son of archaeologist Pride Falcon. He is from Londo. When in Power Change, he is known as the Red Whirlwind. Falcon's Japanese name is a reference to the Fokker, the plane he is seen in. This was possibly removed in the English version because of the inappropriate puns that would follow. His Power Change is similar to Iron Man, or other Metal Heroes characteristic of Japanese tokusatsu TV shows. Pride is his father.

Power Stone 2 is a multiplayer fighting game that built on the innovative gameplay introduced by its predecessor, Power Stone. Power Stone 2 allows up to four players to choose from multiple characters and utilize items such as tables, chairs, and rocks in battle.

Power Stone 2 originated as an arcade game, like many others on the Dreamcast. The Dreamcast served as a testing ground for successful arcade games. Power Stone 2 included some differences from the original, including new character voices, the removal of the existing combo system and a new, horizontal status bar.

You can download this papercraft from here: Power Stone 2 - Edward Falcon Free Papercraft Download