Porsche 911 GT1 Paper Car Free Paper Model Download

Porsche 911 GT1 Paper Car Free Paper Model Download


Porsche 911 GT1 Paper Car Free Paper Model DownloadThis paper car model is a Porsche 911 GT1, a car designed for competition in the GT1 class of sportscar racing, which also required a street legal version for homologation purposes, designed by Name Craft. The limited-production street-legal version was labeled the 911 GT1 Straßenversion (Street version). There is also a Porsche 911 GT3 Sports Paper Car at the site.

In spite of its 911 moniker the car actually had very little in common with the 911 of the time, however its frontal chassis was shared with the then (993) 911, while the rear of the car was derived from the Porsche 962, including its water-cooled, twin-turbocharged and intercooled, four valve per cylinder flat-six engine which was arranged in a mid-mounted position, compared to the rear-engined layout of a conventional 911. The engine was making about 600 PS (441 kW; 592 hp). In comparison, the 993 generation 911 GT2, which was otherwise the company's highest-performance vehicle, used an air-cooled engine with only two valves per cylinder.

The new vehicle was an outright success at Le Mans, winning the GT1 class at its debut race, although it lost the overall victory to Joest Racing's Porsche WSC-95 prototype, still a success in that this vehicle used a Porsche powerplant.

The 911 GT1 made its debut in the BPR Global GT Series at the Brands Hatch 4 hours, where Hans-Joachim Stuck and Thierry Boutsen won comfortably, although they were racing as an invited entry and were thus ineligible for points. They followed up by winning at Spa and Ralph Kelleners and Emmanuel Collard triumphed for the factory team at Zhuhai.

The '96 GT1 had around 600 PS (441 kW) and was clocked at a top speed of exactly 330 km/h (205 mph) on the legendary Mulsanne Straight in the practice sessions of the 1996 Le Mans 24 Hours Race. [Source: wiki]

You can downoad the paper craft model here: Porsche 911 GT1 Paper Car Free Paper Model Download