Pop Band Restart Free Paper Toys Download

Pop Band Restart Free Paper Toys Download


Pop Band Restart Free Paper Toys DownloadHere are four paper toys from the Brazilian pop band Restart, the papercrafts are created by rabiscopop. Restart is a Brazilian pop band that independently formed happy rock in São Paulo in August 2008. It became one of the best known bands in the country, touted as being one of the pioneers in the use of colored clothes, especially pants. The band's first album was released in November 2009, entitled Restart. It has three songs - "Recomeçar", "Levo Comigo" and "Pra Você Lembrar".

Their colorful fashion trend competed with the so-called Emo subculture in Brazil - seen in the youth of Brazil as well as much of Latin America. These teens are called emo for being fans of the music, a subgenre of happy indie rock that only has few supporters in big cities like Curitiba and São Paulo, still very unknown to most rockeiros, punks the same as others, with rivalry and dislike between the emos and the colorful group, seen more commonly among the latter. Many of the colorful exhibit affinity for other such pop artists as Justin Bieber. Just as the Brazilian anti-emos usually have a particular aversion to the band . Dinho Ouro Preto, Capital Inicial, a famous Brazilian musician, made severe criticisms against Restart. Felipe Neto, a Brazilian famous blogger, was also critical of the band Restart and the "colorful" movement.

Band members

  • Pedro Gabriel Lanza Reis - vocals, bass
  • Pedro Lucas Munhoz Convá - vocals, guitar
  • Lucas Henrique de Olivera Kobayashi - guitar
  • Thomas Alexander Machado D'Avilla - drums

You can download these paper crafts here: Pop Band Restart Free Paper Toys Download