Polish Armoured Car Pilsudski Tank Paper Model Download

Polish Armoured Car Pilsudski Tank Paper Model Download


Polish Armoured Car Pilsudski Tank Paper Model DownloadThis tank paper model is a Polish Armoured Car named "Józef Piłsudski", this tank papercraft is designed by CT Ertz and from landships. The scale of this paper model is 1:72. The Pilsudski tank was an improvised armoured car built on a truck chassis in 1918-19 to support Polish forces fighting Ukrainian forces over the city of Lviv (Lwow) in the Western Ukraine. Named for Poland's leader, Marshal Pilsudski, the vehicle featured gun ports rather than emplaced weapons. As both sides used whatever former Russian, Austro-Hungarian, German, or Western weapons they could get their hands on, it is lost to history just exactly what guns were fired from inside the Pilsudski's hull.

The "Józef Piłsudski", also known as "Tank Piłsudskiego" (Piłsudski's Tank) was the first armoured car constructed in Poland, before the officially acknowledged date of Poland's regaining of independence (11 November 1918). In spite of primitive design and all-casemate-mounted armament, its distinctively sloped armoured plates gave it quite modern and unusual appearance. It saw combat service in Polish Lviv defence against the Ukrainians.

In October-November 1918, the Great War was quickly coming to an end, while the Austro-Hungarian Empire was disintegrating, and new countries were born. Both Poland and West Ukraine aimed at gaining control upon Eastern Galicia province, inhabited by both nations. The provincial capital was Lviv, where the Poles constituted a great majority. Early on 1 November the Ukrainian military organization took the city, and on this day there started fighting with the Poles.

A design of an improvised armoured car, to help the Polish units in street fighting, was conceived by Professor Antoni Markowski. It was accepted, and the car was instantly built in Lwów Railway Workshops, upon a chassis of an unidentified truck. It was named in a honour of Józef Piłsudski. The work was completed by 8 November 1918.

The "Piłsudski's Tank" weighted some 5 tons, its length was some 620 cm, and height some 220 cm. It was armed with 4 casemate-mounted machine guns, most probably Austrian Schwarzlose. A crew was 7-8. The car had massive rubber tyres.

The "Tank Piłsudskiego" belonged to the Technical Unit of the Main Headquarters of Lviv defence. It was the only armoured vehicle used by either side during fighting in Lviv. It was first used on 9 November, to support Polish attack through Jesuit Garden. The car drove on Mickiewicz Street towards Jagiellońska Street, but it had to stop before a barricade with dug out ditch, and then got under intense rifle fire. After experiencing jams of three out of its four machine guns, the car withdrew.

For unclear reasons, "Tank Piłsudskiego" was not used in further combat in Lviv, which lasted until the Ukrainian withdrawal in early morning of 22 November. Only later that day, the car was used during riots on Krakowski Square. Probably in following months it constituted an Armoured Car Unit, with another improvised car, "Kresowiec". Its further fate isn't known.

The car's color is not known. It wore a prominent detailed white crowned eagle painted on a front plate, probably upon a red shield or rectangle - a variation upon a historical Polish coat of arms. The car was often seen sporting United States flag - it is explained as a mark of American support for the Polish independence, expressed in Woodrow Wilson's 14 points.

You can download this tank paper craft from here: Polish Armoured Car Pilsudski Tank Paper Model Download