Pokemon Whiscash free papercraft download

Pokemon Whiscash free papercraft download


Pokemon Whiscash free papercraft

Whiscash (Japanese: ナマズン Namazun) is a dual-type Water/Ground Pokémon.
It evolves from Barboach starting at level 30.

Whiscash are dark blue fish that are bulky in physique. They have huge cavernous mouths and long barbels that usually act as feelers. These barbels are even able to be manipulated like tentacles. They also have a marking on their foreheads that resemble a "W". They also possess a dorsal fin that, unlike other fish, is horizontal, much like a sea mammal's tail fluke. It's pattern vaguely resembles the pattern seen on the hive badge, given out by Bugsy. As shown in Whiscash and Ash, they have large tongues.

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