Pokemon - Ursaring Free Papercraft Download

Pokemon - Ursaring Free Papercraft Download


Pokemon - Ursaring Free Papercraft DownloadThis pokemon papercraft is the Ursaring, based on the game Pokemon, and designed by javier. Ursaring (Ringuma) is a Normal-type Pokémon. It evolves from Teddiursa starting at level 30.

Ursaring are tall, bear-like Pokémon that stand at about 5′11″. Ursaring have brown fur covering their bodies, except for their black-nosed muzzles, ear insides, the paw pads on their feet and a ring on their trunk which are all a light tan. The fur on Ursaring’s shoulders is shaggier compared to the rest of the fur on Ursaring’s body, to the extent that they resemble epaulettes. They usually stand on their short, three-clawed back feet and seem to be mostly bipedal, using their long, clawed forelegs to climb trees or collect food. As in their pre-evolution, they have small, ball-like tails.

Both Ursaring and its pre-evolution Teddiursa live in mountainous regions. However, they both have been observed to be in forested areas as well.

Despite their large bulk, Ursaring are quite happy to climb trees in search of food or refuge. Ursaring also have an incredible sense of smell, being able to distinguish any scent. Ursaring usually have one of two abilities: Quick Feet, which raises its speed by 50% when inflicted with a status condition, or Guts, which raises its attack by 50% when inflicted by a status ailment.

Ursaring are known for their food-collecting habits; they often walk through forests in the mornings to collect Berries. They also have an excellent sense of smell and use it to find and dig up food buried deep underground. They have been observed scratching trees, leaving marks which show that they bear good fruit. Despite their large size, they are able to find food and sleep in the treetops, although they still prefer to snap trees with their forelegs and eat the fallen Berries.

Like real-life bears, Ursaring can be quite aggressive when angered or especially when protecting their Teddiursa offspring. However, they seldom attack unprovoked.

Like its pre-evolution, it's likely that Ursaring have a preference for honey over other food. In the wild, they usually forage for Berries, roots and other plant material. They appear to be herbivores, but considering their muscular body structure and sharp claws, they may eat meat like real bears and be omnivores. However, there has been no documented evidence backing this claim.

Ursaring has made appearances in numerous episodes, such as its debut in Forest Grumps, where it scared or chased Ash and his friends or Team Rocket out of its territory.

The Teddiursa in UnBEARable was using its adorable looks to trick Trainers into giving it food. At the end of the episode, it evolved into Ursaring and lost its cute looks. But it realized that people were simply afraid of it, so it continued to steal Trainers' food.

You can download this pokemon paper craft model here: Pokemon - Ursaring Free Papercraft Download