Pokemon - Swablu Free Papercraft Download

Pokemon - Swablu Free Papercraft Download


Pokemon - Swablu Free Papercraft DownloadThis papercraft is Swablu (Tyltto), a dual-type Normal/Flying Pokémon, based on the anime / game Pokemon, the paper model was created by papermaniac4. It evolves into Altaria starting at level 35.

Swablu is an avian Pokémon with a round, blue body. There are two long feathers on top of its head, and it has a short, rounded white beak. Its wings are fluffy and white, resembling cotton or clouds. It tiny feet are white and it has two tail feathers. Swablu does not like dirty surroundings, so it cleans things with its cottony wings. It uses streams to wash its wings once they become dirty from cleaning things. It lives in forests. During the spring, it flies closer to human populated towns. Swablu is unafraid of people and frequently lands on their heads. [Source: bulbapedia]

About this pokemon paper model:
Height: 10 cm
Width: 21 cm
Depth: 11 cm
Difficulty: Medium
Pages: 4
Parts: 39

You can download the pokemon paper model here: Pokemon - Swablu Free Papercraft Download