Pokemon - Slugma Free Papercraft Download

Pokemon - Slugma Free Papercraft Download


Pokemon - Slugma Free Papercraft DownloadThis pokemon papercraft is the Slugma, created by Odnamra22. Slugma is a Fire-type Pokémon. It evolves into Magcargo starting at level 38. Slugma are fiery Pokémon that appear to consist entirely of magma. They resemble slugs, with a pair of bright yellow eyes on short stalks and a small mouth. The magma inside its body acts as a circulatory system, transferring vital nutrients and oxygen throughout their bodies.

Slugma made its debut in the anime as one of Macy's Pokémon in Love, Pokémon Style and was used in her battle against Ash in the Silver Conference. At the end of the episode, it had evolved into Magcargo. Natasha has a Slugma that, with her Grovyle and Electrode, was used to protect her watermelon patch. It first appeared in What You Seed is What You Get. Flannery had two Slugma named Mag and Meg, one of which evolved to Magcargo in Poetry Commotion!.

As a Fire-type Pokémon composed of magma, Slugma is proficient at using attacks such as Lava Plume and Flamethrower. Because of Slugma's abilities, Flame Body and Magma Armor, its body heat causes Pokémon Eggs to hatch more quickly in its presence.

Naturally, Slugma prefer warmer regions where they can keep their magma hot, so they are often found in volcanic regions. It is not known what these Pokémon eat, but they presumably consume soil and rocks to both keep the volume of their magma and collect vital nutrients for their bodies.

Slugma have to keep moving in order to keep warm; if they stopped moving, the magma would cool and become rock, which would eventually break off and reduce this Pokémon's size. For this reason, they never sleep.

You can download this pokemon paper craft model from here: Pokemon - Slugma Free Papercraft Download