Pokemon - Sliggoo Free Papercraft Download

Pokemon - Sliggoo Free Papercraft Download


Pokemon - Sliggoo Free Papercraft DownloadThis pokemon papercraft is Sliggoo (Numeil), a Dragon-type Pokémon, based on the anime / game Pokemon, the paper model was created by javierini. Sliggoo evolves from Goomy starting at level 40 and evolves into Goodra starting at level 50 when leveled up during rain in the overworld. Rain instigated by Rain Dance, Drizzle, or Primordial Sea will not trigger this evolution.

Sliggoo is a gooey purple Pokémon with the body structure of a snail. Its underbelly is a deeper shade of purple than the top part of its body. It is over twice as tall as its preevolved form, but remains relatively small. Its eyes are now green and large, with one eyelash on each eye; but since its eyes are devolved, Sliggoo is blind. It has two pale green spots on either side of its head. It has two small, underdeveloped arms, two sets of antennae atop its head, and a gooey snail-like shell on its back that looks like it is part of its gelatinous body. [Source: bulbapedia]

About this pokemon paper model:
Pages: 5
Parts: 28
Height: 220
Width: 102
Depth: 142
Level: Medium

You can download this pokemon paper model template here: Pokemon - Sliggoo Free Papercraft Download

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