Pokemon - Sealeo (Todoggler) Free Papercraft Download

Pokemon - Sealeo (Todoggler) Free Papercraft Download


Pokemon - Sealeo (Todoggler) Free Papercraft DownloadThis pokemon papercraft is the Sealeo (aka Todoggler), the paper toy is designed by Odnamra22 and Rafex17. Sealeo is a dual-type Ice / Water Pokémon. It evolves from Spheal starting at level 32 and evolves into Walrein starting at level 44. Sealeo, unlike Seel, closely resembles a sea lion rather than a seal. Sealeo is blue, has a shorter tail, and has thick, white whiskers in the shape of a semi-circle. The underside of its throat and chest is beige with a speckled tan patterning around the edges. Sealeo also has small fangs or tusks protruding out of its upper jaw.

Sealeo tend to use their nose to get to know others and object qualities. They aren't very aggressive, but rather protective of their friends, family and homes. Sealeo live in herds on ice floes, and use its powerful flippers to shatter ice. It dives into the sea to hunt prey five times a day. Sealeo occasionally entertains itself by balancing and rolling a Spheal on its nose.

Sealeo and its evolution family, Spheal and Walrein, are the only known Pokémon that can learn Ice Ball by level up. Sealeo live in herds, usually in cold places and ice floes, mainly in the Arctic, as seen at the beginning of Destiny Deoxys. Sealeo dives into the sea five times a day to hunt prey.

About the pokemon paper model:
Height: 15cm
Width: 15cm
Depth: 25cm
Pages: 4
Parts: 46
Difficulty: medium

You can download the paper craft here: Pokemon - Sealeo (Todoggler) Free Papercraft Download