Pokemon - Sawsbuck Free Papercraft Download

Pokemon - Sawsbuck Free Papercraft Download


Pokemon - Sawsbuck Free Papercraft DownloadThis papercraft is Sawsbuck, a dual-type Normal/Grass Pokémon, based on the anime / game Pokemon series, the paper model was created by Odnamra22. Sawsbuck evolves from Deerling starting at level 34.

Sawsbuck changes its appearance depending on the current season. However, this change in form does not occur after capture, unless it is present in the player's party at the time of a season change. This applies to Eggs as well.

  • When the month is January, May, or September, the season is Spring, and it becomes Spring Form.
  • When the month is February, June, or October, the season is Summer, and it becomes Summer Form.
  • When the month is March, July, or November, the season is Autumn, and it becomes Autumn Form.
  • When the month is April, August, or December, the season is Winter, and it becomes Winter Form.

Sawsbuck is a deer-like Pokémon that is mainly brown and cream in coloration. In its Spring Form, blossoms with pink petals and yellow insides adorn its antlers, with some of the prongs being tipped with cream coloration. Its ears are rhombus-shaped with darker, also rhombus-shaped ear insides. Its eyes have light-orange markings that curve down to sides of its face. Its nose is dark-brown, and its chin, as well as the sides of its face, are cream in coloration.

A large scruff of cream fur is present on the base of its neck, with its underbelly, as well as its lower legs, being cream-colored as well. Light-orange stripes rim its underbelly, and its back is decorated with sparse pink speckles. The limbs of Sawsbuck are slender, tipped with hooves and a dewclaw-like pointed feature on the underside of the lower legs, and its tail is low and pointed.

Sawsbuck are herbivores. Sawsbuck can live almost anywhere in the Unova region as they adapt to the season, but prefer to live away from humans. [Source: Bulbapedia]

More details of this pokemon paper model:
Height: 33cm
Width: 14cm
Depth: 27cm
Pages: 7
Parts: 93
Difficulty: Medium

You can download this pokemon papercraft here: Pokemon - Sawsbuck Free Papercraft Download