Pokemon - Samurott Ver.2 free papercraft download

Pokemon - Samurott Ver.2 free papercraft download


Pokemon - Samurott free papercraft downloadThis pokemon papercraft is designed by Sabi96. Samurott is a Water-type Pokémon. It evolves from Dewott starting at level 36. It is the final form of Oshawott. Samurott is a quadruped, blue sea lion-like Pokémon. Long, white whiskers extend from its snout and head, and on the back of its head is a large, rounded beige helmet-like shell with spikes and a spear-like, pointed protrusion in the front. Its underbelly is covered by a dull bluish gray seashell-like carapace, and its limbs are covered with beige, sectioned bracer-like coverings, looking as if comprised of seashells with the forelimbs’ bracers being the swords called ashigatana that it uses in battle. The lower two segments of these bracers are the scabbards for the two swords. The upper segment and spike make up the ashigatana and its handle, respectively. Samurott possess three navy digits on each limb, and a fin-like, splayed tail with the innermost section being beige like the seashell-like portions of its body.  About this pokemon papercraft:

Height: 16.9cm (A4), Letter 10% smaller
Width: 30cm (A4), Letter 10% smaller
Depth: 15cm (A4), Letter 10% smaller
Number of Pages:5
Number of Parts: 101
Difficulty: 6/10

You can download this pokemon papercraft from here: Pokemon - Samurott free papercraft download