Pokemon Papercraft - Magnemite / Magneton

Pokemon Papercraft - Magnemite / Magneton


We're looking at the Magnemite papercraft from designer Kirasu. This Pokemon is a robotic lifeform that looks like an eyeball in a metal socket with a horse shoe magnet on each of its sides. There's three Philips head screws attached to it, two for its feet, and one on top of its head, probably an antenna. It's considered to be an Electrical/Steel type, and just like some of the other Pokemon the Magnemite has an evolved form called the Magneton. Just build three Magnemites and you've got yourself a Magneton. The pattern is in PDO format so you'll need the free Pepakura viewer to open this file. Thanks to the designer for sending it in.

Pokemon Papercraft - Magnemite / Magneton [Kirasu via Mediafire]

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