Pokemon - Magmortar free papercraft download

Pokemon - Magmortar free papercraft download


Pokemon - Magmortar free papercraft downloadThis paper model is from the game "Pokemon". TheMagmortar is a Fire-type Pokémon. It evolves from Magmar when traded holding a Magmarizer. It is the final form of Magby.

Magmortar is the evolved form of Magmar. It looks like a buffed up humanoid creature with characteristics of a duck and the mythical Salamander.

Its legs are similar to Magmar's except that Magmortar has pink thighs and its legs are smaller in proportion to its body than Magmar's, whose legs are in proportion to its own body (which is why Magmortar moves slower than Magmar). Instead of a beak and two flame-like horns it had as a Magmar, Magmortar has pink lips and one singular flame on its head. Its other notable features are the two rows of pink spikes running down its back, red and yellow flame stripes on its body and a tail that is entirely covered in flames.

Magmortar also has orange shoulder pads that resemble flames and yellow, tubular arms with a black band and three claws on each one. When Magmortar prepares to attack with its hands, the claws may disappear into its skin, forming something similar to a cannon.

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