Pokemon - M-Venusaur Free Papercraft Download

Pokemon - M-Venusaur Free Papercraft Download


Pokemon - M-Venusaur Free Papercraft DownloadThis pokemon papercraft is Mega Venusaur, a Grass-type Pokémon, based on the Pokemon, the paper model was created by Brandon. As Mega Venusaur, the flower on its back grows larger and two new, pink flowers bloom, one on its forehead and one on its rear.

Additional leaves with woody stems are grown around the flower that are supported by vines that grow from the base of the flower. Mega Venusaur also develops darker patches of color on its forehead below the new bloom. Its legs and frame also become more sturdy to support the weight of the flower.

About this pokemon paper model:
Height: 17.3 cm/ 6.8 in
Width: 19.9 cm/ 7.8 in
Depth: 26.1 cm/ 10.3 in
No. of Pages: 10
Level: Easy/Medium

You can download this pokemon paper model template here: Pokemon - M-Venusaur Free Papercraft Download