Pokemon - Lileep Ver.2 Free Papercraft Download

Pokemon - Lileep Ver.2 Free Papercraft Download


Pokemon - Lileep Ver.2 Free Papercraft DownloadThis pokemon papercraft is  (aka Lilyla), a dual-type Rock/Grass Fossil Pokémon, based on the anime / game Pokemon, the paper model was created by javierini. Lileep is resurrected from a Root Fossil and evolves into Cradily starting at level 40. There is another Lileep paper craft on the site: Pokemon - Lileep Papercraft Ver.1.

Lileep is somewhat plant-like Pokémon with eight dark-tipped, pink tentacles protruding from an opening on top of its head. The tentacles are waved around to attracted prey, which is swallowed whole after being entangled. Inside the pitch black opening are two glowing, yellow eyes. The remainder of its head is purple with yellow eyespots resembling targets. The head is connected to the body by means of a yellow stem. The body itself is purple and semi-spherical. Four stubby roots anchor this Pokémon firmly to the rocks of its home on the sea floor. Lileep has been extinct for 100 million years, but specimens can be revived from Root Fossils. [Source: bulbapedia]

About this pokemon paper model:
Pages: 7
Parts: 30
Height: 200
Width: 177
Depth: 178
Level: Medium

You can download this pokemon paper model template here: Pokemon - Lileep Ver.2 Free Papercraft Download