Pokemon - Kingler Ver.2 Free Papercraft Download

Pokemon - Kingler Ver.2 Free Papercraft Download


Pokemon - Kingler Ver.2 Free Papercraft DownloadThis pokemon papercraft is Kingler, a Water-type Pokémon, based on the anime / game Pokemon, the paper model is created by javierini. Kingler evolves from Krabby starting at level 28. There is another Kingler Paper Model on the site.

Kingler is a crustacean Pokémon resembling a crab. Its strong shell covers the outside of its body, featuring a red upper-half, and a light tan lower-half. Its upper half is topped with six tall, thin spikes that resemble a crown. Its lower half doubles as its jaw with six fangs overlapping its upper body. Its two outer fangs are much larger than the inner two, and are roughly half as tall as Kingler's entire body. Its hips are visibly protruding from its lower body connecting its long, thin legs with claw-like feet. Kingler's main feature is its red claws. Its left claw is roughly twice as large as the other and hard as steel.

Kingler is often found on the edges of water, usually the ocean. It has been observed using its powerful claws to pry open the shells of Shellder and Cloyster. While Kingler's large, left claw is it main tool for offensive maneuvers, it is so large and heavy that Kingler can barely lift it. It causes balancing problems and Kingler may quickly become fatigued from continuous use. However, it has been shown to communicate with other Kingler by waving its pincers around. [Source: bulbapedia]

About this pokemon paper model:
Pages: 7
Parts: 54
Height: 180
Width: 295
Depth: 253
Level: Medium

You can download this pokemon paper model template here: Pokemon - Kingler Ver.2 Free Papercraft Download

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