Pokemon - Gliscor free papercraft download


Pokemon - Gliscor free papercraft downloadThis pokemon papercraft is designed by LordBruco. Gliscor is a dual-type Ground/Flying Pokémon. It evolves from Gligar when leveled up at night while holding a Razor Fang. Gliscor are large, mainly bluish-purple vampire bat-like Pokémon. In evolution, the Gligar's leg-like claws have become more defined as legs, with two toes and a slightly darker circular coloration on the underside, and its tail now has two barbs, as opposed to Gligar's one, giving its tail the resemblance of vampire's fangs. Its arms are red with thin striations, and have also become completely detached from its wings, which are now black in coloration. It has similar looking pincers to Scizor. Gliscor's ears now have discernible, red-colored and apparently chambered ear insides, and its eyes are yellow. Gliscor appears much toothier than Gligar, having six visible fangs in its mouth instead of two, and its waist, like its arms, is red and striated. Gliscor's body resembles an open mouth, with the pointed protrusions coming from its upper torso appearing to be fangs, further illustrating its vampiric qualities. You can download this pokemon papercraft from here: Pokemon - Gliscor free papercraft download