Pokemon - Charjabug Free Papercraft Download


Pokemon - Charjabug Free Papercraft DownloadThis pokemon papercraft is Charjabug (Denjimushi), a dual-type Bug/Electric Pokémon, based on the anime/ game Pokemon, the paper model is created by javierini. Charjabug evolves from Grubbin and evolves into Vikavolt.

Charjabug is a small, cuboid Pokémon resembling an insect. Its body consists of three square segments with two brown stubs on each side. The last two sections have a thin, ring-like marking on each side. Its face has square blue eyes, which sometimes have sweeping green lights inside. Two short, yellow spikes extend from the front square: one on each side of its rectangular mouth. The mouth itself is gray and has two jaws that close sideways.

This Pokémon stays immobile as it prepares for its evolution, and is often half-buried in the earth. It is able to store electricity. The electricity it stores could run a household for a whole day, and can be shared with other Pokémon. [Source: bulbapedia]

About this pokemon paper model:

Option 1
Pages: 3
Parts: 18
Height: 087
Width: 097
Depth: 154

Option 2
Pages: 3
Parts: 18
Height: 100
Width: 097
Depth: 159

Level: Hard

You can download this pokemon paper craft template here: Pokemon - Charjabug Free Papercraft Download

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