Pokemon - Braviary Free Papercraft Download

Pokemon - Braviary Free Papercraft Download


Pokemon - Braviary Free Papercraft DownloadThis pokemon papercraft is Braviary (Warrgle), a dual-type Normal/Flying Pokémon, based on the anime / game Pokemon, the paper model was created by javierini. There are 60 parts on 11 sheets of paper. It evolves from Rufflet starting at level 54.

Braviary a very large bird with the top side of its body being covered in dark red feathers and its underside being covered in dark blue feathers. Its tail feathers are red on both sides, but are all tipped with blue, and a yellow stripe separating the blue and yellow across all feathers. Braviary's legs are long and very thick. Its yellow feet are very large and each contain a digit facing backward, and three facing forward. Each digit is tipped by a short, thick, black claw.

Braviary's head contains a long, thick beak with a blue strip at the end of the bridge. On either side of the bridge are Braviary's eyes which each contain a large, black iris, and small white pupil. Sprouting from the bridge are three large, white feathers. At the base of the feathers is a red, three-pointed design that is spread across all three feathers, with the upper point stretching about one-third of the way up the middle feather. On each side of Braviary's face, sprouting out from behind the feathers on its forehead, are an additional three white feathers pointing horizontal and downwards. Behind the three feathers on its head is a large plume of white feathers, extending most of the way down its neck. These features combined resemble a Native American war bonnet.

Braviary is extremely aggressive, but for noble reasons. It will fight fiercely to help and protect its friends. Even if injured, it will still fight. The more scars it has, the more respect it gets from its peers. It has earned the nickname "soldier of the sky" due to its extreme dedication for its friends. Aiding its valiance, Braviary is extremely strong, capable of lifting a car and flying with it. [Source: bulbapedia]

You can download the pokemon paper model template here: Pokemon - Braviary Free Papercraft Download