Pokemon - Batiodon Free Papercraft Download

Pokemon - Batiodon Free Papercraft Download


Pokemon - Batiodon Free Papercraft DownloadThis pokemon papercraft is the Batiodon, the paper model is designed by Odnamra22. Bastiodon is a dual-type Rock/Steel Fossil Pokémon. It evolves from Shieldon starting at level 30, after it is revived from an Armor Fossil.

Bastiodon appears to be a cross between a Zuniceratops and a bulldozer. The small, shield-like growth this Pokémon had before evolution has grown into a large shield bearing some resemblance to a castle wall, with yellow spot patterns on it. The shield is large enough to protect Bastiodon from attacks. On its feet, smaller, shield-like growths sprout upward to protect the Pokémon's legs. There are also small gray spikes on a ridge of black along Bastiodon's back. Bastiodon's tail is also black in coloration.

Despite its rough, aggressive appearance, Bastiodon is surprisingly timid and caring. It will go to great lengths to protect the young in its herd. Aside from Bastiodon having amazing defensive capabilities, it can learn some powerful attack oriented moves, such as Metal Burst and Iron Head. Fossils from which Bastiodon's pre-evolved form can be resurrected are only known from the Sinnoh region.

About this pokemon paper craft:
Height: 20cm
Width: 20cm
Depth: 29cm
Pages: 10
Parts: 101
Difficulty: Hard

You can download the paper model here: Pokemon - Batiodon Free Papercraft Download