Plants vs. Zombies - Peashooter and Repeater Free Paper Toys Download

Plants vs. Zombies - Peashooter and Repeater Free Paper Toys Download


Plants vs. Zombies - Peashooter and Repeater Free Paper Toys DownloadThese two cute paper toys are Peashooter and Repeater, based on the video game Plants vs. Zombies, the papercrafts created by Blank Canvas. The Peashooter is the very first plant obtained in Plants vs. Zombies. It is the only regular offensive plant available until the Snow Pea is unlocked.

Peashooters have a long tube for their mouth. They shoot peas which deal damage to zombies. The Peashooter shoots peas at a normal rate. In the mini-game, ZomBotany, they are the first plant/zombie combination found.

The Peashooter is the main standard source of firepower in your floral arsenal and the first offensive plant available to the player. Peashooters should be planted in the lane of an oncoming zombie, where it will fire upon the zombie with peas until it has been neutralized. Peashooters are useful for early defense, as once the player has sufficient Sun, perhaps from Potato Mines, more powerful offensive plants should be planted instead of the Peashooter.

Peashooting plants of any type are not recommended for use in the Roof levels, as they cannot shoot over the sloping angle of the roof unless they are in the first sloped column. The only time when Peashooters and other related plants should be used is when aiming for the Grounded Achievement. They can also be used on the flat portion of the roof, though they may need to be reinforced with Pumpkins, as they become more vulnerable to attacks, especially Ambush Zombies. Peashooters are great for killing basic Zombies but are not to be used for more powerful zombies like Buckethead Zombies.

The Repeater is the third pea-shooting plant recieved in the game, firing Peas twice as fast as a Peashooter, but only taking up one space, allowing you to plant more of them on your lawn. It can be upgraded to the Gatling Pea for 250 sun upon purchasing the Seed Packet from Crazy Dave for $5,000. This plant is unlocked in Adventure Mode, after beating Level 1-8. It is the last plant obtained in Day, the item in 1-9 is one of the Notes.

The Repeater is a great plant to use, but can be expensive in the early part of the game. Upgrading it with the Gatling Pea to fire four shots instead of two or putting a Torchwood in front of it are both good ways to increase the damage output, although the Gatling Pea is more space efficient. Keep in mind, however, that the cheapest of those is the Torchwood as it requires 25 less Sun than the next best thing.

You can download these papercraft toys here: Plants vs. Zombies - Peashooter and Repeater Free Paper Toys Download