Pikmin - Captain Olimar Free Papercraft Download

Pikmin - Captain Olimar Free Papercraft Download


Pikmin - Captain Olimar Free Papercraft DownloadThis papercraft is the Captain Olimar, based on the video game series Pikmin, the paper model was created by Paperlegend. Captain Olimar is the protagonist of the Pikmin series, and he also appears as a playable character in Super Smash Bros Brawl. He discovered the Planet of the Pikmin and the Pikmin species.

He is the only employee of any merit who works at Hocotate Freight, and in the first Pikmin game, captains a customized company ship; the S.S. Dolphin. He has a family on his home planet, Hocotate. In the notes on the Worthless Statue and the Priceless Statue, Olimar mentions his father and a mother. In-game, Olimar's dialogue of notes to himself are in Pikmin only; in the second game, they are replaced by the Ship's.

  • Olimar is able to control Pikmin, using his whistle as a means of command. The Pikmin quite possibly see him as a leader and a hero.
  • He can pluck or pull out Pikmin sprouts when he stands next to them (or by whistling after obtaining the Pluckaphone).
  • Olimar can launch a punch attack to weaken enemies (or a three punch combo after obtaining the Rocket Fist).
  • Olimar has an interest in science and particularly biology, taking Olimar's notes and commenting on every treasure and enemy he discovers.
  • He has three short brown hairs and wears a beige spacesuit with a red tracking beacon on his helmet, decorated with a red life-support backpack and red gloves. He measures 1.9cm tall, and 3.9cm tall with his space suit on.
  • He loves his family, but they often ask a lot of him when it comes to financial matters. This is one of the reasons he enjoys time to himself.
  • He designed the Bowsprit for his ship the Dolphin.
  • It is referred to that Olimar has had conflicts with space pirates.
  • Olimar is shown to be well educated, as he is able to describe the Pikmin world well, and is a very strategic leader to the Pikmin. Also, in Namida Ga Afureta, he says he knows complex words.
  • According to his┬ájournal entry on the Impenetrable Cookie, he has a short temper towards incidents of little importance.

You can download this paper craft template here: Pikmin - Captain Olimar Free Papercraft Download