The One Piece - Keimi Cube Craft Free Download

The One Piece - Keimi Cube Craft Free Download


The One Piece - Keimi Cube Craft Free DownloadThis cube craft paper toy is the Keimi, based on the manga/Anime series “One Piece”, this paper toy was designed by blackignus. Keimi is a kissing gourami mermaid that first appeared in Hatchan's Sea-Floor Stroll mini-series. She first appeared after being spat out of a large sea boar that was saved by Hatchan, along with her starfish pet and master, Pappug. She first worked on Hatchan's Takoyaki 8 and later worked as a waitress at the Mermaid Cafe on Fishman Island.

Keimi is a young mermaid who is generally seen wearing a t-shirt and carrying a backpack. The t-shirt she is usually seen wearing in particular is of the same fashion brand, Criminal, her master Pappug designs. She is at least younger than thirty years old as her tail has yet to be split into two.

She is specifically a kissing gourami mermaid, and as a reference to the type of fish she is, she always expresses a very distinct face-fault whenever she is shocked by something. Whenever she expresses shock, along with her eyes typically popping out as commonly seen in manga and anime, her face-fault is always shown with a very wide open mouth that shows her teeth and her tongue is usually seen sticking out in an up and down, zigzag manner.

She is pictured in the anime with green hair and dark purple eyes. Her shirt is yellow and pink and she wears an orange backpack where she carries her takoyaki. Keimi has a pink tail with light fins, and her dorsal fin is white. Previously, her only color depiction came from the Ocean's Dream! - Oceans of Dreams game in which she had blue hair and a yellow tail.

Because of Oda's change in style since he first drew her, Keimi has had a few changes in appearance. The first is an addition of a dorsal fin along her spine.

After the two year timeskip, while Keimi's overall appearance has not changed much, she has been drawn more feminine than how she first appeared. Her mermaid fish tail is generally longer and slimmer now and her caudal fin is now larger and more curvy, and her hair, rather than being parted down the middle, is parted to her right and is dyed. She now wears a spagetti-strap top with a jagged lower hem instead of a t-shirt, but still from Pappug's Criminal brand. She also wears a necklace with beads and a bracelet on her right wrist shaped like flowers.

Keimi has a habit of being easily shocked. Anything from a simple mistake, to a large shocking situation makes her shocked to a degree greater than any other normal person would be.

Keimi and her starfish, Pappug, also have the most unfortunate luck of getting eaten by large sea kings almost every time they go out. By the time she first met the Straw Hats, she had been swallowed twenty times. Keimi also has the unfortunate luck of getting captured almost every time she goes out, though it is likely because she is so naïve and gullible. Before she was captured by Macro and his crew once again in the Flying Fish Rider's base, she had been previously captured by the Fishman Pirates thirty times. Fortunately for her, somebody is usually around to save her. Since the first time meeting him, this has usually been Hatchan.

Keimi has a habit of referring to humans in a unique way. Instead of simply saying human and humans, she says human person and human people respectively. She also tends to address others with the suffix "Chin" added to their names in a similar fashion as how "San" and "Chan" are used in Japanese to address others. She would thus address Luffy as Luffy-chin, Nami as Nami-chin, Hatchan as Hatchin, and so on.

While Keimi is currently working part-time at the Mermaid Cafe and for Hatchan's Takoyaki business, she dreams of becoming a famous fashion designer like her master, Pappug.

As said before, she is naïve and gullible, but she is also very kind, caring, and open-hearted and due to her naïveté she has no problem with trusting strangers, such as the Straw Hat Pirates when she just met them. In situations with a sexual or relationship-like nature, she is either very shy and misunderstanding or just unknowing, such as when she blushed when Shakky asked if she was Hatchan's girlfriend and when she didn't understand how she gave Sanji a nosebleed by putting his head between her breasts.

Two years later, while not having completely lost her naïveté and quirks, she appears more thoughtful, mature and independent, as she now lives on her own without Hatchan or Pappug. She acts as Luffy, Sanji, Chopper and Usopp's sensible guide to Fishman Island and actually was quick to take charge of the group when Sanji got in trouble by losing a lot of blood.

You can download this One Piece cube paper craft toy from here: The One Piece - Keimi Cube Craft Free Download