The One Piece - Don Krierg Cube Craft Free Download

The One Piece - Don Krierg Cube Craft Free Download


The One Piece - Don Krierg Cube Craft Free DownloadThis cube craft paper toy is the Don Krierg, based on the manga/Anime series “One Piece”, this paper toy was designed by blackignus. Don Krieg was the captain of the Krieg Pirates and an infamous pirate of East Blue. He is the main antagonist of the Baratie arc.

Don Krieg is a tall, muscular man, with short cut gray hair and long sideburns. During his appearance in the storyline, he had bandages wrapped around his head. His attire features many fur-lined elements.

The most notable aspect of Krieg's appearance is his golden wootz steel armor, which is fur-lined like the rest of his attire. Consisting of a chest plate, shoulder guards, and elbow guards, it is Krieg's main offense and defense against his foes. It is loaded with a variety of weapons. His Jolly Roger is painted on the shoulder guards. Under those, he has a brown shirt, and his hands are covered by a pair of fur-lined gloves. He has a golden gas mask somewhere inside the armor, to prevent his deadly MH5 gas from affecting him. On casual occasions, his armor and mass is hidden behind regal attire consisting of a fur-lined coat over a yellow vest with black spots-like motifs. Around his thick neck there is a big golden chain. He retains his light-purple pants and his black shoes even after taking off his clothes for battle, due to his armor not covering his legs, nor his head.

Krieg is a very cruel pirate. He is confident in his own superiority, despite any failures he might experience, and believes wholeheartedly that his armada and arsenal of weapons can overcome any foe. This led to his failed attempt to conquer the Grand Line; believing mere numbers and weapons were enough to get him by, he was utterly defeated when Dracule Mihawk almost completely annihilated his entire fleet. Even in the face of his obvious inferiority, Krieg refused to accept his mistake, instead turning to underhanded methods to get by and believing that there was some sort of trick to overcoming such foes. Krieg believes in winning above all else, and will stoop to any level to achieve it. Examples include flying a white flag of surrender and posing as Marines to get the drop on them.

Despite his cruel tendencies, Krieg is pragmatic enough to realize that he needs a crew to support him. He thus makes sure they are fed to regain their full strength after Mihawk's onslaught. However, Don Krieg does not care for his crew and rules over them with fear; any who oppose him are typically punished with death. He is very proud of his rank as captain, and gets very mad when someone disobeys him, or even hesitates to carry out his orders, as he believes it is their duty to obey him unquestionably.

Krieg was considered the most powerful pirate in the East Blue and had a terrible reputation. Although Krieg had a lower bounty than Arlong, his fleet of 50 ships and over 5,000 pirates, combined with active pillaging, forced the Marines to view Krieg as a greater threat. Despite this, however, it was commented by Luffy that Krieg's fleet was not all that powerful; there were just so many of them they could overwhelm their opponent.

Krieg also claimed to be the strongest man in the world and, while this is clearly a vast overestimation on his part, he is certainly formidable in physical combat, possessing a great deal of physical strength and endurance. He was able to take cannonballs without moving an inch, and easily lifted and threw the Sabagashira No. 1 that Patty and Carne attacked him in. He can also lift the one-ton Great Battle Spear single-handedly and swing it around freely while wearing his golden wootz armor.

Krieg is quite intelligent, as he knew that his crew's survival is important, as well as knowing that Baratie would serve as a great pirate ship due to its nonthreatening appearance. He also has knowledge of Devil Fruits, as shown when he witnessed Luffy's ability to stretch, noting that the Grand Line is supposed to be filled with such people. However, Krieg's most potent weapon has always been his talent for skulduggery, which seemed to know no bounds. He lies and pretends to beg for mercy, and then strikes when the opponents lower their guards. His methods have earned him the nickname "Foul Play".

You can download this cube paper craft toy from here: The One Piece - Don Krierg Cube Craft Free Download