Phantasy Star Online - Booma Free Papercraft Download


Phantasy Star Online - Booma Free Papercraft DownloadThis papercraft is the Booma, based on the game Phantasy StarOnline, the paper model is created by NecroShade. The Booma is a mole/bear-like creature that is native to the Forest Area. Its long, sharp claws allow it to dig through soft ground, where it apparently makes its nests. Its horned snout might be used to punch through hard surfaces for digging. Its dark red fur covers its arms and head, protecting it from cold. A Booma's maturity can be measured by the coloration of its fur, starting from dark red to a darkened yellow taint and then into purple, which ends up becoming frail: it thus gradually loses its tolerance to cold temperatures as it grows.

Boomas will attack ferociously with its claws, although they are relatively easy to avoid due to the slow speed of their swipe. It should be noted that their left swipes hit faster than the right ones. They are weak to the Foie techniques.

You can download the Phantasy Star paper model here: Phantasy Star Online - Booma Free Papercraft Download