PewDiePie - Amnesia Barrel Free Paper Model Download

PewDiePie - Amnesia Barrel Free Paper Model Download


PewDiePie - Amnesia Barrel Free Paper Model DownloadThis paper model is a Barrel, based on the first person survival horror game Amnesia, the papercraft was created by Vincentmrl. Barrels are Pewdiepie's arch nemesis, even surpassing The Bro and Untrusted Statues. The barrels are, as their name implies, average wooden barrels. They have a recurring role as the long standing primary antagonists of Pewdie's videos, appearing in many of the games he plays.

Pewdie's hatred for barrels stems from Episode 12 of Amnesia's custom story "Abduction." He tells a barrel not to tell the Bro about his hiding place, but the barrel tells him anyway, causing Pewdie to get killed by the Bro. In other instances, the Barrels are seen talking to The Bro, convincing Pewdie that they are working against him. He constantly shouts "BARRELS!" upon seeing any number of them and will throw them around since then.

There is much speculation that the Barrels betrayed Pewdie in retaliation for an act he committed in Penumbra, when he picked up a random Barrel and threw it into a dark underground pit for his own amusement, with the Barrel having done nothing to provoke him.

Barrels have often been known to occupy important corners and other hiding spots, usually when the Bro is near.

Other instances in Pewdie's videos have caused the Barrels to suggest that Pewdie has been the one to vilify them and jump to conclusions. Barrels have been seen to try and draw Pewdie to the fact that he never gave them a chance to prove their true motivations - another trying to convince Pewdie that when they were seen conversing with the Bro, they were trying to throw him off Pewdie's trail, though these are possibly all lies in an attempt to sway Pewdie to their side. Pewdie even throws Barrels who haven't done anything to Pewdie.

PewDiePie (PewDie for short) is a Swedish video game commentator. PewDie's fanbase is named the Bro Army.

His real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. He is a 22 year old man from Gothenburg, who records his reactions from playing computer games. PewDie opened his YouTube profile on the 29th of April 2010 and, as of September 9, 2012, has over 1.84 million subscribers or "Bros" as he calls them and over 473 million video views. On July 3, 2012 PewDiePie's channel reached the top 100 most subscribed channels on YouTube. On July 11, 2012 PewDiePie's channel reached the 1 million subscriber milestone. He has multiple series going on, focusing mostly on the horror genre. He also has been on local Swedish newspapers and is rated top one in the charts of the entertainment media on PewDiePie entered a competition, called King of the Web, in February 2012. His first attempt ended with him only winning the "Gaming King" title. However, his second attempt ended in him becoming both Gaming King and King of the Web.

He is most well known for his commentaries of the horror game "Amnesia: The Dark Descent". Every week on Friday he uploads and hosts "Fridays with PewDiePie", a video update about his bros, general aspects of his life, upcoming events or simply random stuff. As seen in his gaming videos, Pewdie's mortal enemies are Barrels, which inspired his iconic phrase, "BARRELLS!".

You can download this game paper craft here: PewDiePie - Amnesia Barrel Free Paper Model Download