Pear Family Papercraft

Pear Family Papercraft


The family that papercrafts together, stays together ^_^ and yes, you read the pic correctly, that is "papearcraft".

This family papercraft set is from the official web site of the city of Shiroi, located in Chiba, Japan. It's a city with a population of 59,000 and is 50 minutes away (via commuter rail) from Tokyo.

The reason why the papercrafts have a pear fruit for a head is because it symbolizes the city, Shiroi became a fruit-growing area during the Meiji period (10.23.1868 - 07.30.1912) and has since become famous for its nashi pears. The nashi pears or apple pears as they're known here in the west, are not really a cross between an apple and pear, but instead, its a pear that has the shape of an apple.

To get the goods, follow the link below to their site and then look for these symbols (pic below), it'll tell you which ones to click.

Pear Family Papercraft

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