Paul Foot Free Paper Toy Download

Paul Foot Free Paper Toy Download


Paul Foot Free Paper Toy DownloadThis paper people is Paul Foot, an English comedian, the papercraft is designed by sally. Paul Foot commands a significant cult following called The Guild of Connoisseurs. Foot is known for his musings, rants, 'disturbances' and apparent aversion to pop culture. The Daily Express likened Foot to "a rare exotic bird", whilst six national newspapers including the The Independent and The Age have declared Paul to be "a comedy genius".

Foot frequently performs live, with resident slots at various London comedy clubs, and his connoisseurs sometimes demand shows in particularly obscure parts of Britain. He usually takes a show to the Edinburgh Fringe such as By The Yard and Ash In The Attic which was directed by Noel Fielding.

In 2003 Foot and Russell Brand appeared in a double act at Cafe Royal. Foot's style of comedy had a strong influence on Brand who was inspired by Foot's eccentric hair, quirky mannerisms and love for florid language. In The Guardian Paul MacInnes wrote about their similarities in an article that explored the notion of 'copycat comedians'. Bruce Dessau made similar observations in The Standard.

Foot's 2010 Edinburgh show Ash In The Attic enjoyed a second sell-out run at London's Soho Theatre in February 2011. Ash In The Attic was then taken to Melbourne for the 2011 Melbourne International Comedy Festival as part of the official gala selection where it received a 5 star review in The Age. Australian Chortle wrote in their review that Ash In The Attic was "One of the best comedy shows ever to have been performed in Melbourne".

In September 2006, Foot started a regular London-based solo variety show called Paul Foot's Comedy for Connoisseurs. The title comes from the name given to his fans, "The Guild of Paul Foot Connoisseurs", for whom Foot arranges "secret" events advertised only via his official website and mailing list. In the secret shows Foot often enters a surreal territory, taking on the personae of his own character creations such as 'Penny' and 'Skeleton Johnson', and sometimes improvising elaborate mini-dramas in which he plays all of the parts. Some of Foot's characters feature on his website which also has a secret page for his Guild of Connoisseurs.

Foot's television appearances in 2010 introduced a new generation to his style of comedy, leading some 'Connoisseurs of The Guild of Paul Foot Connoisseurs' unable to attend Foot's Secret Shows due to this new wave of popularity with a younger, student demographic booking them out. Foot addressed this problem by organising his first 'Secret Secret Show' for his longest-serving connoisseurs.

You can download the paper craft toy here: Paul Foot Free Paper Toy Download