Patlabor Papercraft - AV98 Ingram

Patlabor Papercraft - AV98 Ingram


Patlabor Papercraft 1Paper Replika has released their first mecha papercraft featuring the AV-98 Ingram robot model based on the 22 volume Patlabor manga/anime/OVA series.
Patlabor Papercraft 2Patlabor (aka Mobile Police Patlabor) is set in a futuristic 90s where "Labors" (robots) are used for heavy work and policing. The story revolves around a character named Noa Izumi who works for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police.

This Patlabor mecha papercraft comes in at 18 pages and even includes a mini Noa Izumi model to sit on its shoulder ^_^

Patlabor - AV98 Ingram Mecha Papercraft

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