Park Wars - Darth Vader Papercraft

Park Wars - Darth Vader Papercraft


Ok, so this is actually a follow-up to the previous post. By now, everybody reading this blog is familiar with our friend Claudio Dias' free papercrafts (Bumblebee, Tumbler, Ecto 1, Delorean, etc.), if you've enjoyed all of those and have wanted to show your gratitude well now's your chance.

Claudio is planning to attend the Adobe Max 2008 event to be held in San Francisco this November and he needs a little help in the funds department. Feel free to donate a dollar or more to this cause and in return you'll received the Park Wars - Darth Vader papercraft pictured above, it comes with its own light saber and a removable helmet. May the force be with you.

Park Wars - Darth Vader Papercraft [paperinside]

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