Contest Winner Contest Winner


We started our first ever contest last Thursday and many of you signed-up for it, 302 (valid) entries to be exact. On Monday I started printing the list of emails that signed-up, I mentioned the word "valid" because I was surprised to find out that 17 of the entries opted for the anonymous route. I had to take them out of the list because it would be pointless to include them, if I can't see your email then I wouldn't be able to contact you if you win. Moving on, I cut them up a line per email, put them in our magic box and randomly selected a winner. Btw, the prize is a Page.A.Day Origami Calendar by Margaret van Sicklen.

And the winner is Vy Huynh of Washington. I've already contacted her and she has emailed us her mailing details, so Congratulations Vy!

To all that didn't win, better luck next time. But don't fret, our next contest is just a few days away. Keep an eye out for it.