Papercraft Japanesque - Buddha Statue Style Doll "Camellia"

Papercraft Japanesque - Buddha Statue Style Doll "Camellia"


Tsubaki Camellia Papercraft Check it out, our friend Serene has opened a new site and he's selling his original papercraftpapercraft designs.

You all know Serene as the maker/designer of the cool Super GT papercrafts that you see here. If you're a big fan of his work then you're going to love this one, he describes it as a Buddha statue style doll and was named after the Camellia plant (tsubaki in Japanese).

This papercraft was inspired by it by the Buddhist deity known as Aizen Myouou - a Vishnu-esque character that has 3 eyes and 6 arms. It cost ¥1000 and is availalbe thru the DL Market (follow the link below).

UPDATE: I missed the earlier post by Serene, there is a free papercraft model of Camellia, i've added the link. The difference is that the free version doesn't have the extra accessories. Thanks Serene!

Papercraft Japanesque - Camellia [Download / Free version]
Papercraft Japanesque - Camellia / Tsubaki [Buy]

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