Papercraft Critters

Papercraft Critters


Found a new papercraft site this week, JR Fabito's

It's quite unique in its presentation, the site runs on Adobe Flash and describes itself as an online application for creating and sharing paper toys. Once you get started, you'll be greeted with two options - either go to the Toy Creator or choose The Colony.

The Toy Creator is pretty much self explanatory, you'll be able to design their pre-made pattern to one that suits you. They've also implemented a lot of tools that include markers, shapes, stencils, and colors that can be tweaked to your liking. After creating your paper toy you have the option to preview it in a 3D mode environment to see if you need to do some editing or if you didn't like the job you did, you can just simply clear it and start all over again. Another cool feature is their Toy Classification Score, you basically have 4 categories upon which you can rate your creation (Cute, Evil, Loyal, Rebel). And when your done with your paper toy, you have the option to either save, share, or print. When you decide to save your work, your given the chance to showcase your stuff in The Colony.

The Colony is the collection of paper toys that other people have designed and shared with the community. So pretty much, it's a great site if your starting out with papercrafts and like the idea of customizing your own or are actually artsy. Go check out and have fun.

Papercritters [Site]