Paper Wonderland Book

Paper Wonderland Book


Check out this whimsical papercraft book from artist Michelle Romo (CrowdedTeeth), 32 paper toys spread over 133 pages of fun, pre-order now available.

This is a collection of super kawaii-like paper toy templates--ready to be cut out, built and played with or displayed. So sweet they make your teeth hurt, Michelle Romo's cute style can be summed up as Japanese-influenced cuteness with mid-century modern flair. Her characters can be brought into 3D life with only an X-acto knife and some glue. Besides people and animals, the collection also includes an adorable house, a sweetly spooky ghost and moustaches that can be assembled and worn.

Michelle Romo is a self-taught designer who currently works as a lead designer for an apparel and accessories company where she designs their private label line. She has also done noted work for Sanrio, Disney, and Cartoon Network. In 2004, she started her own line of t-shirts and characters called Crowded Teeth.

Paper Wonderland Book [via Paper Forest]

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