Paper Craft Tools

Paper Craft Tools


I received a lot of inquiries from people that are just starting or new to paper crafts about what particular tools and paper I use, nothing fancy here, I just bought my entire paper craft tools from walmart. Here is a list of basic tools for starting with paper craft:

    Craft Knife - If you want a knife that would last, I recommend the Fiskars brand, the one with the ergonomic shape, replaceable blade, and SoftGrip technology for maximum comfort and control (I use blade #11).Craft Mat - this is where you are going to do your paper cutting, I prefer the "self-healing" mats. (I use a 9"x12").Scissors - any kind of narrow tip/blade scissors would do.Glue - any type of crafting glue would do, but I prefer the ones that dry clear ( I use Elmer's white glue)
    Small Plastic Paint Pallete - this is optional, I just use this to hold my glue in small amounts.Ruler - any 12" would do.Printer - any type of colored/bubble jet printer or you could also get your stuff printed at your local print shop.
    Paper - you could use any brand of paper, as long as they are:
    Heavy A4 (210 x 297 mm) or regular (215.9 x 279.4 mm) paper110 to 135 lbs (0.16 to 0.18mm thick) - this is also known in the U.S. as Card Stock Paper