This is the 2007 Nissan NISMO 350Z papercraft which is based on an actual car. The 350Z is Nissan's two seater sports car while NISMO is their performance tuning division. Mix

Gordo is an indestructible passive enemy in the Kirby series of video games. It's a purple metal ball with spikes on its body/head and two big eyes. It doesn't actively fight,

A mystery item in the Super Mario 64 beta, the Beta Key is an item that can be found in Big Boo's Haunt. The key was inside a Big Boo (see pic below), its purpose is unknown.E

Straight from Hellboy 2: The Golden Army, here's Cubeecraft's version of Hellboy's team. The paper toys include Red, Liz, Abe, and gas bag (Johan Krauss).Hellboy Paper Toys [c

Emo is the often misunderstood punk sub-culture that is associated with emotional sensitivity. This emo paper toy is a depiction of that sub-culture with a French twist.Emo Pa
BLEACH Papercraft - Ichigo Kurosaki

Paperrizer has an Ichigo papercraft based on the Bleach anime series showing Ichigo's appearance while performing bankai and using his hollow mask.Bleach - Ichigo Kurosaki Pap

Toad is the little mushroom-head that serves as Princess' Peach's helper and caretaker of the Mushroom Kingdom. This Toad papercraft was made by nasman1993.Super Mario Bros. -

I've seen pics of these Evangelion papercraft floating around the net for a while now and many have been asking how to get a copy. I didn't know that our friend Alcli0nE made

So here's another one of the RevoRama papercrafts (Revoltech + Diorama), this time it's a cityscape setting from the Evangelion anime series.This papercraft diorama is tailore

BIG thanks to all the people that sent e-mail greetings wishing me a safe trip home. So I made it back in one piece, although I can't say the same for some of my "important" s