A special Pikachu-colored Pichu given to players who pre-ordered tickets for the 12th Pokémon movie in Japan.Pokemon Pichu Papercraft (ala Pikachu) [Download]Pikachu Papercra

An astounding new papercraft automata from Tim Bullock (Cool4Cats: Amazing Card Kits) is now available for purchase, turn the crank and watch how a pork pie, beef pie, and She

PHIL's White Color Series has been released - includes MINIFAT, Minibox, FATCAN, KingCan, and Boxcan. CAN_FAM Paper Toys - White Color Serie n 1 [Download]Box Can Paper Toy -

Donkey Kong's nephew, Diddy Kong, and his trademark red Nintendo cap.Diddy Kong Papercraft [Download]Count Bleck Papercraft [Related Posts]Diddy Kong - Dino PapercraftDonkey

Check out the first original designer paper toy the T-Ninja crew (graffiti, street art, photography, designer vinyl)T-Ninja Tagger Paper Toy [Download]Square Ninja Bunny Pape

From the trouble brewing between Japan and China(Senkaku Islands dispute/fishing trawler incident) a moe character is born from the depths of 2channel and is now an internet m

The mythical Haunebu 1 - Nazi Germany's prototype flying saucer said to powered by the Thule Tachyonator, has a crew of 8 and capable of speeds up to 4,800 km/h.Haunebu I Pape

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Minnie Mouse will brighten anyone's Valentine's Day -- especially when your special someone realizes she holds candy!Minnie Mouse Valentine's Day Candy Box Papercraft [Downloa

Dusclops (aka Samayouru) is a Ghost-type and Beckon Pokemon that is the evolved form of Duskull, it's a one-eyed monster that absorbs matter into its body - like a black hole.