The egg-spitting Animal Buddy (aka Animal Friends, aka Jungle Buddies) - Squawks the Parrot from the Donkey Kong Country series.This Squawks the Parrot papercraft was designe

Dissidia: Final Fantasy version of Cloud Strife and his Buster Sword - fighting on the side of Cosmos, papercraft by Ace.Dissidia: Final Fantasy - Cloud Strife Papercraft [Dow

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Special Nanibird paper toy custom created by Kinniefan to promote World AIDS Day 2010 (December 1).World AIDS Day 2010 - Nanibird Paper Toy [Download]Hoophy Paper Toy 9 [Relat

HarperCollins Publishers recently sent me a copy of Louis Bou's new book We Are Paper Toys: Print-Cut-Fold-Glue-Fun:, heres a quick and short review ^^Before we start, I want

Regirock is a rock-type / Rock Peak Pokemon and is one of the legendary golems of Hoenn, it doesn't have any evolutionary form.Pokemon Regirock Papercraft [Download]Torchic Pa

Happy Valentine's from Abi Braceros (OH-SHEET Paper Toys), download and build her "Sugar Free, Sweet as Candy" Paper Hearts for that special person in your life.Sweet Papercra

Twelve cheery but sleepy people to tell you the days and months ^^, paper calendar created by Nadja Girod of Smil.biz.Smil 2011 Papercraft Calendar [Download]3EyedBear 2011 Ca

A cute bear paper model from designer クマリラ. It's called the Rilakkuma papercraft and is based on the characters created by the Japanese marketing company San-X. The name Rilak

The Primal 2 handed sword from Runescape, it is the 2nd strongest weapon in the game and resembles an oversized scimitar. Runescape - Primal 2h sword Papercraft [Download]Rune