Surprise April 1st! enjoy twelve cute Care Bears from the Paper Model Factory.The Care Bears template (PDO) defaults to the Tenderheart texture, just replace it with the provi

Here's the Ark Angel Tarutaru papercraft based on Final Fantasy XI and made by designer Kaizo. Found in La'Loff Amphitheater, Ark Angel Tarutaru is part of the legendary Cryst

Located in Ikaruga, Nara Prefecture, Japan - Horyuji Temple (aka Temple of the Flourishing Law) has the distinction of being the world's oldest surviving wooden structure. It'

The ornated "blue" sword wielded by Soki (aka Kaijin no Soki, aka Oni of the Ash) - lead character in Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams, papercraft by Nadask.Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams P

Bookend is a Super Mario 64/DS enemy character that is depicted as a book with razor-sharp teeth (like any other monster book) and can be found in Big Boo's Haunt course. Jump

Spinda (aka Patcheel) is a normal type Pokemon that does not evolve from or to any other Pokemon. Spinda is a rabbit-like Pokemon that has swirls for eyes and spots on its bod

This is the second release of my cactus-tribute series, this time i made a cactus-version of the amazingly awesome Teddy Troops by Flying Förtress! -Nick KniteCactus Trooper P

Pokemon Duskull's skull / PMF's version of the easter bunny ^_^Pokemon - Duskull Skull & Dead BunnyChimchar Papercraft [Related Posts]Eater Bunny Papercraft 1Pikachu Papercraf

Argent Lance papercraft that comes with 3 skins (Argent, Allian, and Horde) and measures almost a foot long.World of Warcraft - Argent Lance PapercraftWoW Dark Knight Helm Pa

"I am lion, hear me roar!" I forgot who first uttered those famous words, but in connection, the Rommy Leoleo papercraft model from Kamimodel has just been released, it's avai