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GamePaper 11 is out and features a Gauss Rifle papercraft.A Gauss Rifle (aka Coilgun) is weapon which fires projectiles by means of electromagnetic coil. It's named after Germ

CheyTac Intervention M200 Sniper Rifle papercraft by DarkAntz, the M200 is a US made bolt action sniper rifle originally designed by Randy Kobzeff for CheyTac's "Long Range Ri

The M-8 Avenger papercraft based on the default assault rifle used by the Soldier-class in Mass Effect 2, paper model by Julius Perdana.Mass Effect 2 - M8 Avenger Assault Rifl

Here's one of the many futuristic Prawn weaponry in District 9, it's a type of assault rifle that Wikus used to turn the oppressors into bits and mush.The special effects tea

I was lookin forward to some new Space Invaders alien from Microdot but instead their new release is a redux of their Drukk Invaders paper toy, bigger and brighter ^^.XXL Dru

Men in Black's Agent J and Agent K papercraft created by Ruang Antho.Men in Black Papercraft [Download]Official Monsters vs. Aliens Papercraft [Related Posts]Alien Blaster Pa

The SSV Normandy is the primary starship in the Mass Effect video game, it was co-developed by the Systems Alliance and Turian Hierarchy under the umbrella of the Citadel Coun

A little green man from our friends at Macula.tv, inspired by the science fiction movies of the 1950's.This alien paper toy makes use of Christopher Bonnette's latest templat

Wind Turbine papercraft provided by CSIRO (The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation), Australia's national science agency - model designed by Hydro Tas