Outpost 76819 - The Solo Rider Free Paper Craft Download

Outpost 76819 - The Solo Rider Free Paper Craft Download


Outpost 76819 - The Solo Rider Free Paper Craft DownloadThis robot papercraft is from outpost76819. There are stretches of the Outer Rim where even the Galactic Cavalry will not tread, where safety is found in numbers if it's found at all. And it is there, in the Faraway Black, that the man once known as Lieutenant Frank Liberty rides alone.

As a child, Liberty lived in constant fear of the bandits that oppressed his home planet of Dolgemar. On his 18th birthday, Liberty enlisted in the League of States Armed Forces to protect Dolgemar and other vulnerable areas of the Outer Rim. As chance would have it, the conscientious recruit was posted in the only corrupt regiment of the Galactic Cavalry--a unit running Dio weapons to the same band of nebula cowboys that had once terrorized him. When Liberty refused to look the other way, his own men ambushed him in the Plutonium Flats of Planet Superior. Neither Liberty nor any of the other nine cavalry members in his regiment ever returned from Planet Superior, and all ten, according to official L*S records, are presumed dead.

Now known only as the Solo Rider, former Lieutenant Frank Liberty patrols the most dangerous portions of the Outer Rim as a one-man cavalry. He has no face, no fear, and, when it comes to gun slinging, he has no equal. And if those things aren't enough to keep you out of a fight with the Solo Rider, remember that men in masks are always hiding something. And what you don't know about Frank Liberty will probably kill you.[via Outpost 76819]

You can download this robot paper model from here: Outpost 76819 - The Solo Rider Free Paper Craft Download