Outpost 76819 - The Hunter Free Paper Craft Download

Outpost 76819 - The Hunter Free Paper Craft Download


Outpost 76819 - The Hunter Free Paper Craft DownloadThis robot papercraft is from outpost76819. The Hunter, as he is known to clients and targets, cut his teeth chasing runaway androids for construction companies in the Outer Rim. Now, he'll hunt anyone or anything, as long as the price is right.

Other than his perfect success rate, very little is known about the Hunter. For most, the thud of a harpoon is their first and last experience with the infamous killer. His impersonation and language skills, like his weapons and piloting abilities, suggest formal military training, most likely L*S. Yet others believe the rumors that he studied under Requin Mar while the two awaited their death sentences on Beast Mountain. Nor is there a consensus on his race. Some contend that he is human, others that he is a chimera, and still others that he is what he hunts--an android. No one has ever gotten close enough to the Hunter to know for sure.

An eccentric and mercurial personality, the Hunter lives as a recluse. The captain's deck of the Tyrannus Fin is his exclusive domain, and he communicates with his crew and clients only through his first mate, the Dame. At the same time, the Hunter is obsessed with his appearance and revels in his enormous reputation.

Vanity aside, the Hunter is the very best at what he does. And if the Tyrannus Fin is bearing down on you, keep one thing in mind: He wants you to run. [via Outpost 76819]

You can download this robot paper model from here: Outpost 76819 - The Hunter Free Paper Craft Download