Outpost 76819 - Preach Free Paper Craft Download

Outpost 76819 - Preach Free Paper Craft Download


Outpost 76819 - Preach Free Paper Craft DownloadThis robot papercraft is from outpost76819. J.P. Timothy was one of a number of android missionaries sent to church the godless Outer Rim. Armed only with a smooth tongue and a scholar’s command of Biblical verse, he watched helplessly as his small congregation was ravaged by pirates. Sure, he’d given hundreds of sermons on forgiveness; but when the smoke cleared, Timothy couldn’t find enough divine grace in his man-made heart to practice what he’d preached. And by the time he caught up to the murderous band somewhere near Dallas Station, Timothy was packing more than the Good Book.

Word of the angry preacher spread through the galaxy like gospel, and by the time it reached the Colonel, Preach was the most infamous pirate hunter in the Outer Rim and a perfect addition to the Ghost Brigade. He now serves as the Colonel’s second-in-command and is unquestionably the most loyal of the bunch. That said, his loud mouth, quick temper, and uncompromising nature have entangled the Ghost Brigade in more than a few unwanted fights, and if you happen to be standing next to him when the first punch is thrown, remember that talking like a saint and acting like one are two very different things. [via Outpost 76819]

You can download this robot paper model from here: Outpost 76819 - Preach Free Paper Craft Download