Outpost 76819 - Dr. Midnight Free Paper Craft Download

Outpost 76819 - Dr. Midnight Free Paper Craft Download


Outpost 76819 - Dr. Midnight Free Paper Craft DownloadThis robot papercraft is from outpost76819. The good doctor earned his moniker as an L*S field medic during the Midian invasion, where his last-minute heroics brought back countless soldiers from the brink of death. No matter the danger, Midnight would pilot his jetpack into the fray looking for fallen comrades, and if he found anyone--just one downed soldier--there were no limits to the risks that he would take to bring ‘em back alive. That unwavering commitment to each soldier, coupled with the fact that he could perform complicated surgeries in mid-air, made him the most decorated field medic in L*S history.

But Midnight had secrets. For starters, he was an android, which not only made him ineligible to serve in the L*S military; it made him illegal. More importantly, before joining the war effort, Midnight had been working in a secluded laboratory on a complicated android germ, a germ that would alter the android brain in miraculous ways. When the war ended, Midnight tried to return to the project, but the L*S caught wind of the laboratory (which they believed to be affiliated with the Resistance). When the L*S laid siege to the lab, the unfinished germ was inadvertently released. Midnight escaped on his trademark jetpack, but he was he infected by a germ with unknown effects and no known cure.

Today, the once-celebrated medic is something closer to a mad scientist. As one of the principals of the Order of Chaos, he controls an evil empire with ambiguous, but certainly grand, ambition. His erratic behavior and seemingly random objectives have left many wondering whether he is anything more than a bumbling villain. But it is worth noting that the Solo Rider considers him to be the single greatest threat to life as we know it. [via Outpost 76819]

You can download this robot paper model from here: Outpost 76819 - Dr. Midnight Free Paper Craft Download