Outpost 76819 - Blueghost Free Paper Craft Download


Outpost 76819 - Blueghost Free Paper Craft DownloadThis robot papercraft is from outpost76819. Blueghost is one of four original members of the Ghost Brigade. Unlike other members of the Ghost Brigade, Blueghost was not created to fight alongside androids--or to take orders from one. He was designed as a roving saboteur, a soldier whose sole purpose was to wreak havoc behind enemy lines as often and for as long as possible. Once loosed, he answered to no one.

For that reason, his relationship with the Colonel is complicated, at best. But he's a survivor, and the Colonel wouldn't trade him for anyone. In more than 200 years of military service, Blueghost has been destroyed--and restored--only once. In 2413, on the beach of Carcaan, a Shank Axe to the helmet disabled his virus filter. An A-Germ quickly infected him and turned him against his own team. Six brigadiers, including the Colonel, were destroyed trying to subdue him; it took a TK bomb from the Golgatha to end the carnage.

Blueghost is, quite possibly, the most dangerous android ever created. [via Outpost 76819]

You can download this robot paper model from here: Outpost 76819 - Blueghost Free Paper Craft Download